Beatrice Gates

Beatrice Gates.

Beatrice Gates is a wellie residing in Maiden Holm, she can be found in Dogberry Park alongside Benedick Keyes on a bench. Benedick is constantly trying to win the hearts of Beatrice, though she doesn't share his feelings back.

Act I:Edit

Side Quest: Lovebirds.

Arthur sneaks behind the bushes watching Benedick attempting to kiss Beatrice, only for her to slap on him in the face. He breaks down crying as she runs off to another bench, this is where Arthur can either continue the quest or go and talk to Beatrice for some extra hidden dialog, he won't be able to get this piece of dialog from her when the quest is over.

Arthur gives Benedick flowers and hides behind the bushes whispering what he should say to Beatrice. Benedick messes it up, but after begging her she gives in and agrees to be with him. Benedick thanks Arthur and gives him the recipe for Mojo.

Act II:Edit

Side Quest: Goodbye To All That.

Beatrice isn't seen in Act II, though Benedick is found telling Sally that he isn't sure if Beatrice really loves him since she says she loves everything. Once Sally gives in and hands Benedick Sunshine to use on Beatrice.

The next day Benedick is found crying behind the big statue in Dogberry Park, he will tell Sally that Beatrice only talked about a childhood sweetheart who made quite the impression before leaving on the train to germany. She also said that she only stayed with Benedick to avoid the unpleasantness of breaking it off.


  • Their names are reference to fictional characters Benedick and Beatrice from Shakespearean's comedy play Much Ado About Nothing written between 1598 to 1599.
  • If Arthur were to talk to Beatrice before giving Benedick the Nonsuches, she instantly starts to flirt with him because of his height, revealing that she most likely takes interest to the Doctors for their height and not their smell.


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