Canadian Atlantic Steamships memory - Arthur and Percy


Battleship is the name of a memory for Arthur Hastings in We Happy Few. It is located inside the guardtower to the right of the Inkerman Bridge. Simply go up the ladder and take the memory mask.

Summary Edit

Arthur convinces Percy that he cannot go on the Bismarck ship despite the Germans telling him he could.

Transcript Edit

Arthur: "You can't go on it."

Percy: "They said I could."

Arthur: "Well of course the Germans said you could go on it. I'm saying you can't."

Percy: "I've never been on a battleship."

Arthur: "That's not the point. We hate the Germans. And that battleship is part of the reason the Germans are out lords and masters right now. Do you remember when they came over, in all the little boats_"

Percy: "Do you mean in 1942, or 1943?"

Arthur: "Do you want people to spit on Mum when she goes to the market?"

Percy: "She doesn't go to the market. Since... 1945."

Arthur: "Look, this is just one of those things! I can't explain every single detail of everything to you!"

Percy: "Are you mad at me?"

Arthur: "I'm not!"

Percy: "You're not?"

Arthur: "I mean, yes, I am. I am mad ... I was mad. But now I'm not. Look, please don't go on the Bismarck. It will get you in trouble. Which means I'll then be in trouble."

Percy: "All right."

Arthur: "You won't go?"

Percy: "I couldn't go without you, anyway."

Arthur: "For once that's a relief."

Trivia Edit

  • The Bismarck was a real world battleship that Germany used to raid shipping from North America and Great Britain, it was attacked by sixteen biplane torpedo bombers, two British battleships and two heavy cruisers before eventually sinking to the ocean floor. This probably didn't occur during the events of We Happy Few.
  • The shot of the memory is taken from inside of Prudence Holme's office, zoomed in on her vacation plan to Canada.
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