Barry Bangs is the Chief Record Critic of the "O" Courant Weekender in the Lightbearer DLC.

A review on Nick Lightbearer's latest eight records can be found be found in his room at the Avalon Hotel. He gives Nick a bad review, describing it as a ''sprawling psychedelic mush". Also noting that Virgil Dainty was the real brains behind his early success. Since Nick fired him, his music career has started to fade away. Nick, upon reading it, is clearly displeased by the review.

At the end of the game, after the song has ended and the credits roll, a disembodied voice is heard praising Nick. It can be assumed that this voice comes from Barry himself, and if that is the case, Barry is voiced by Michael Schaeffer.

Trivia Edit

  • Barry shares his surname with real life british music journalist, Alan Bangs. Based on this, Barry could possibly be a reference to Alan, or it's a simple coincidence.
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