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Barrow Holm is the first island Arthur Hastings ends up in after getting chased out of the Parade by the Bobbies.

The layout of the island is always the same, unlike the rest of the map which is randomly generated.

Barrow Holm serves as the tutorial area of Story Mode, Act I. The player learns how to comform depending on where they are, how to heal themselves, how to cure themselves from food poisoning, the combat, the stealth mechanics, how to distract NPCs, and more.

Point of Interest[]


The Shelter[]

This is the first hatch that Arthur finds, it is here that he will be able to stash away some items in the pneumatic stash, as well as learn about fast travel. He will also be forced into combat with Theodore Miner, after which the player can explore to find some useful items stashed away elsewhere, or learn about the unfortunate events that went down in the area.

Rorke's Drift Bridge[]

This is the bridge Arthur must cross to leave the island. It is closed, but David Livingstone informs him that he needs a key card and a power cell to get it to work again. Livingstone has the key card, but doesn't want to return to the Village until everyone there catches the plague and die.

Hooligan Camp[]

This is where the power cell and David's medals are held. In order to retrieve them Arthur must fight in the arena against Danny Defoe, which teaches the player about combat. He is then dropped into a hole to decay in, after making his escape, the player is taught about the stealth, how to distract NPCs and how to choke them out.

Barrow Holm Hamlet/Edenham[]

This is the small town located on the island. It is here he first meets the Wastrels, the outcasts of the society, and has to meet up with David and give him his medals back. He will give Arthut his card to the bridge in return.

Beryl Markham will teach Arthur how to conform in the Garden District.

Abandoned Houses[]

There are two abandoned houses on the map, both of which are explorable and give off a noise from outside.

Newspaper Couple[]

This house has the 1910 Jack Norworth's song "For Months and Months and Months" playing, repeating the first verse over and over.

The house is broken down, with loads of old newspapers strewn about. The notes found in this house includes:

On the top floor is a Wastrel couple found hanging from nooses besides each other, the record player will wind down when they are discovered.

Children's House[]

This house has an old childrens melody playing on a record inside, the house itself is filled with childrens toys and a crib in the living room. Upstairs are two beds with mannequin dolls tucked in, each has loads of toys besides them. On the top floor is a toy tea set.

There are two chests that the player can loot.

Water Pump[]

This is where Arthur can retrieve water in order to quench his thirst, the player will also learn that the water in the Garden District is clean, while the water in Hamlyn Village is spiked with Joy.

Mr. Kite's Safe House[]

This house is located in the Hamlet town, it's presumably Mr. K's safe house, or the house that a couple Wastrels have decided to survive the rest of their lives in. The player has a chance to teach themselves how to rob the house using the stealth mechanics first taught in the Hooligan camp.

On the top floor is a blocked room with treasure inside, after looting it the residents will aggro onto the player no matter what, unless they're dead or incapacitated first.

Secret Things[]

To the left of the player, right before they enter the Hamlet, on the upper floor of a ruined house is a red crate that the player can loot.

There is a tea set replicating a scene from the famous Alice in Wonderland right after Arthur exits the small town he gets in after getting out of the first shelter.

Behind the first hatch is a watch tower.

Directly to the right of the first hatch is a hanged man with a chest next to him.

Buff Conformist.png Trivia[]

  • Barrow Holm is also a location in the video game Grim Dawn, though it's spelled as Barrowholm. Likely a coincidence.
  • The statue present in the Hamlet town replicates the real life statue depicting Arthur Wellesley, the first duke of Wellington, located in Glasgow, Scotland. The practice of putting a traffic cone on his head is common.
    • The statue's face is a modified version of a Wellie's face.

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