Baby Transport is a story quest for Sally Boyle to complete in Act II.

Background Edit

Sally, who wishes to flee the failing dystopian society known as Wellington Wells, needed something to help her smuggle her secret infant child, Gwen Boyle, out of the town. After acquiring a medical bag from a crooked doctor to help clear the name of an old colleague, Sally realizes that the bag is the perfect size to hold her precious cargo. However, it requires modification, and for that, she decides to pay Lionel Castershire a visit.

Required Items Edit

The only thing you require for this mission is fifty pounds to purchase the baby carrier once it is complete.

Walkthrough Edit

Ask Lionel to Make the Carrycot Edit

Speak to Castershire anytime after you complete the quest Bad Chemistry to begin. Sally will tell him that the bag is to carry dangerous chemicals, hence why it requires some way to allow oxygen to pass inside once zipped-up tight. Castershire agrees, but he says it'll take time to complete it and Sally should visit him in a few days.

Wait 2 Days for Lionel to Make the Carrycot Edit


Buy the Carrycot Edit

Eventually you'll be notified that you can purchase the carrycot from Lionel. Go back to the Odds & Ends Shop in Maidenholm to purchase the baby carrier for fifty pounds as soon as you can.

Rewards Edit

  • 9 Experience Points

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Quest History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, Lionel included a feeding mechanism in the bag similar to that of the Baby Feeder (item) that he builds for Sally and isn't suspicious whatsoever.
  • The bag itself is made much larger than what it was previously in order to accommodate its cargo.

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