Baby Feeder is a story quest for Sally Boyle.

Background Edit

Having grown annoyed at having to consistently go back home to feed her infant daughter, Gwen Boyle, Sally wonders if perhaps the tinkerer and shopkeep Lionel Castershire could create a baby-feeder of some sort.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Lionel at his store in St. George's Holm. After telling him that the device is designed to 'feed plants', Lionel agrees to build the contraption, but it'll take a few days.

Come Back in Three Days Edit

Wait it out, in-game time.

Buy the Baby Feeder Edit

Return to the shop after three days and purchase the 'plant feeder.' It costs three-hundred pounds, so you may need to sell some things and/or purchase the perks 'The Haggler' and 'The Hustler' to help.

Install the Baby Feeder Edit

Go back to Sally's flat, travel upstairs, and slap on the feeder to the side of Gwen's crib. The quest should finish, and now you won't need to worry about going back home and feeding Gwen.

Rewards & Unlocks Edit

  • You no longer need to feed Gwen bottles of tinned milk
  • 9 Experience Points

Trivia Edit

  • Despite saying it's for feeding plants and chastising Lionel for mistaking it for a bird feeder, Sally herself refers to the contraption as a 'bird feeder' whenever she asks Lionel for an update.
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