The Avalon Hotel Exterior

The hotel's exterior.

Avalon Hotel, as the name suggests, is a luxury hotel located in Wellington Wells that only appears in the Lightbearer DLC. This is where the Annual Nick Lightbearer Convention takes place every year.

Despite the hotel's great success, it suffers from many structural problems with the building itself (electric short circuit on the rooftop, bottomless pits, crammed vents, faulty elevators, and water flooding).

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  • The word Avalon means "The Isle of fruit [or apple] trees", it's also the legendary island in the Arthurian Legend.
  • The areas on the hotal are named after wonderful, albeit imaginary, places. Such as the Wonderland Suite and the Elysium Ballroom.
  • The Avalon Hotel also plays as a homage to the Overlook Hotel from Stephen King's The Shinning, as multiple references are spotted throughout the DLC:
    • In Foggy Jack's lair writing all over the wall in red blood "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy."
    • An axe sticking on the back of a hotel door can be seen on one floor.
    • The hallucination where blood floods the hallway mimics the Stanley Kubrick elevator blood scene.
    • The garden maze outside the front hotel is similar to the Overlook's.
    • Nick Lightbearer's drug-induced episodes of Virgil's ghost haunting him are parodying Jack Torrance's haunting of the ghosts from the Overlook.
  • There are multiple paintings throughout the lobby that depict Uncle Jack as historical figures.
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