i ran into Arthur on the street!!!

he's exactly the same. i guess cos he was always a little formal, those big black "je suis une homme sérieux" glasses, keeping his jacket on after school even on hot days. only now he's grown into himself and he looks amazing.

i can't remember what i said. i insulted him, apperantly, it's always so easy i thot he'd chop my head off.

what was i supposed to tell his dad, "no, you're practically my stepfather"? that would have gone over brillo.

damn it, what is arthur up to? another implausable scheme he's going to get killed.

i wanted to much to say, help, i've got a bloody baby. but he was so awful all i could get out was sorry sorry i'm sorry, and i want to help you and who even knows if he heard any of it.

i've got to find him. when we're together we're unstoppable. arthur and sally. sir galahad and the lady of the lake. the two musketeers

maybe on another day hed listen to reason

hes on the old swings thinking a lot he said. in the garden district. say what you will about our starvation diet, at least we're all off the smokes.

hed help. hed make a fuss but in the end hed help. he cant help it hes too decent. if i just told him.

but can i trust him. people change, except for me. i'm always the same.

i wish Gwen was his. then she'd be smart for sure, and not evil at all


  • Sir Galahad is a knight of King Arthur's Round Table, and The Lady of The Lake is an enchantress associated with King Arthur.
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