October 10, 1960
From the Desk of Harry Haworth, Haworth Labs

Dear Anton,

Am enclosing the latest draft of the paper I was telling you about Friday last. Have made much progress, and | greatly anticipate showing it to the Committee. Any input would be most welcome. I really think I am on to something here — really appreciate all your encouragement!


Towards a Theory and Practice of Applied Phrenology
By Harry Haworth

Phrenological science of the 19th Century theorized that the brain was formed of various growths, each representing a different human trait: benevolence, combativeness, wit, hope, etc. These sub-organs would press against the skull, forming measurable exterior protrusions.

"Applied Phrenology" inverts the normal phrenological method. It proposes that modern technology could actively re-shape the organ responsible for, say, happiness, producing a feeling of contentment not unlike our Joy formula. And all without the ever-increasing shortages that have been bedeviling our supply chain.

I have taken the liberty of supplying my prototype technique to five of the assistants in my lab already. Although they are still recovering from the process and are still unable to communicate, I am happy to report that two of them appear to be grinning widely. Progress!

Dr. Harry Haworth
Haworth Labs

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