Apple Holm Bridge is a removed quest that was present during Alpha stages of We Happy Few.

Objectives Edit

  • Investigate Apple Holm bridge
  • Activate the security override

Walkthrough Edit

On the final island is the bridge that leads to Apple Holm, to get past the bridge the player needed a special code from Helen Faraday.

On the bridge was a Spanker that was set to zap anyone who entered the area. There was two different security switches in each small alcove in the main room, both of which needed the code to be put in within 10 seconds before opening the door to Apple Holm.

After the doors opened, the player needed to put on a gas mask to avoid taking damage from the toxic fog present on Apple Holm.

It was best to wear the Rubber Cat Suit to avoid getting stunned by the Spanker.

The quest has since been removed.

Trivia Edit

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