Anne Askew is a character that was found in earlier versions of We Happy Few, she has since been removed from the final release.

Quest Edit

Anne used to be part of the side quest, What Have We Buried, in Earl of Sandwich Park. In which the player needed to inject her with a Crash Syringe, get the other Wellies out of the park, and then talk to her again before being able to loot the chest she had buried.

Anne would tell Arthur about how her daughter, Peggy Askew, used to love to climb the tree in the park when she wasn't looking, and how she was up that tree the day before they took her on to the train to Germany.

She asks how she could have taken her to the train, how they could have let the Germans take their children.

After the cutscene, Anne lets Arthur take whatever is in the chest, although it doesn't contain the Tearstained Letter or Tearstained Doll that it does in the final release. Both items may be leftovers of Anne's existance, and it is very possible that she is the one who wrote the Letter.


  • Her surname, Askew, means to tilt, though its also a locational name; 'Aiskew', which derives from the elements "Eiki" which means oak, and "Skogr", which means wood. Hence, "Oak Wood".
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