An Awkward Courtship is a side quest in We Happy Few, it's found in Lud's Holm. Look for an area with a log in front of a big rock with names scratched upon.


  • Come back at night
  • Hide in the bushes near the log
  • Come back tomorrow evening
  • Hear them out
  • Pick up their spare gear

In-Game DescriptionEdit

What a lovely rotting log. I bet it grows mushrooms at night. I should come back and see if it does.

Oh, and let me grab a few of these yummy mushrooms while I'm listening in.

They've got a bit of a past don't they?

I bet these mushrooms sprout at night. And, obviously, romance does, right after night falls. I should come back.

She's back! What happened?

I'm so happy for them, I think I might cry.

They've dropped a lot of quite useful stuff. I should pick it up.

Odd. She didn't actually ask him if he did it. She told him to tell her he didn't. Isn't love grand?


The player has to hide in the bushes at night, between 9pm - 7am. There are three bushes that the player can hide in, each giving a different perspective on the couple.

The couple is a man named Eric and a woman named Ellen, both of which have recently ended up in the Garden District. Ellen is living with a man named Harold, someone that Eric is jealous of.

The next night, Eric finds a bruise on Ellen, but she tells him that it's an old one, that the Garden District isn't a walk in the park. Eric reveals that his wife is still a Wellie, who may have forgotten about him at this point.

The next night Ellen reveals that she has told Harold that she met Eric, which made Harold jealous, asking her how long they've been seeing each other behind his back. Ellen then tells Eric that Harold had always been jealous of Eric, and that is why she couldn't stay in touch with him.

The next night, Ellen tells Eric she's aware that he wants her to leave Harold, telling him she can't because he needs her. Eric asks if she needs him too, to which she tells him to not be clever. Eric then tells her he had found a hardware shop that he wants her to have, because he can't be with her.

The next night Ellen tells Eric that Harold never came back from the hardware shop, Eric swears that it wasn't him who did anything. Ellen then tells Eric to kiss her, the couple then leave.

The player now has to go up to the log and retrieve the cleaver from the basket. This ends the quest.


The cleaver from the basket

3 skill points

Trivia Edit

  • Despite what Arthur says, the player never gets any mushrooms in their inventory.
  • The name of the quest used to be called "Mushroom Log"
  • The player used to be able to steal mushrooms from the log, this does not happen anymore.
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