Amy Reese is a wellie that lives in St George's Holm in Act One. She is seen waiting impatiently outside her house, talking to her starts the Superb Meat Boy Quest.

Act One: Edit

Arthur Hastings seeing her, goes up and jokes that "the train doesn't run here anymore." She at first doesn't get it, but laughs releasing what he meant. Amy tells him that she's been waiting for the butcher's boy Edmund Macmillan who's been running late. This worries her because meat is very rare to come by and that he's a bit dim. After Arthur delivers her the meat, he asks Amy where the butcher gets the meats. She laughs hoping its from transition trading. She thanks him, before heading back into her house.

Trivia: Edit

  • It's uncertain if she's off her Joy, having still remember the Very Bad Thing.
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