Abandon All Hope is a Story Quest in the Lightbearer DLC. It begins after Nick enters the Hotel basement.


  • Explore the basement
  • Take service lift

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Someone's been here before. Or was it me? There's a room up ahead -- Maybe I'll hide myself there while I detox?

No turning back now. Nobody would follow me down here.


Head down the corridor, the player will walk a bit slower than their regular pace and they won't be able to run. They'll eventually come across a Nick-Lookalike falling through the floor.

After exiting the vent system, Nick will come across a small room which stores a couple of Nick's items, Virgil scold Nick for not remembering what he had done, but Nick apologizes to him profusely. Eventually he agrees to turning himself in to the police.

Go down the hall and enter the elevator, this ends the quest.


  • The name of the quest is part of the epression found in Dante's Divine Comedy, 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here'.
  • There are several cadavers in the basement before the player reaches the elevator. One of which looks to be a Wastrel with blue skin and yellow teeth.

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