July, 1932
Rajastan Central Prison

Dear Pinky -- or should I call you Colonel Byng now?

I am sure that having me arrested was your Duty. But duty to whom? Does not your own family command your loyalty?

I thought you were different, but you are like other Englishmen. How very convenient of you to be done of your Indian wife before you sail home! Once you were dazzled by my Father's palace and connections (without which, you might you might still be a junior officer!) But when your orders came from England, you began to see me with different, more critical eyes, didn't you?

Or perhaps you found out that I'd contacted a solicitor. Divorce is rather scandalous among the officer set -- perhaps you worried it would harm your career. Oh, but now that you've made the Great Sacrifice of arresting your own wife, you might even get promoted to general for your petriotism! Bravo, Pinky. Bravo. You English do go for that duty above all tosh. You may fool others with it, but I will always know exactly who you are. Perhaps that is the true reason you can no longer bear to meet my eyes?

I no longer know how to sing off on a letter to you. Neither "love" nor "yours" seems appropiet anymore.


P.S. I've asked my father to take in Victoria when you sail for England. Don't pretend you object. You've undoubtedly been trying to think of a face-saving reason to leave her behind, what with her being the half-Indian daughter of a revolutionary. How very inconvenient that would be for you back home.

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