A Teaspoon of Sugar is a side quest in We Happy Few. It is encountered when Arthur comes across a house in the Garden District. It is decorated with sweets on the walls. 


  • Enter the House
  • Steal the Sugar

In-Game DescriptionEdit

They've got sweets?

They've got bags of sugar? And who knows what else! Worth a visit, I think.

Now I can have sugar with my tea!



Arthur has to make his way up the house, be aware that there are many bees on the top floor where the sugar is, so he can easily die if one goes without any protective gear. Once the sugar has been collected, a couple Wastrels will rush into the house and attack the player for stealing their sweets.


Items that the player will gather Edit

3x Sugar

3 skillpoints



  • The quest used to be called 'Sweet' and 'Sweet Tooth' before getting its final name.
  • There is an auction bid at the top floor which reads: "1. 5 pills penicillin 1959. 2. 10 rounds ammo (still good?). 3. Letter of Transit. 4. Emma's offer of companionship." It is possible that these are the items Wastrels trade for the bags of sugar.
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