Dr. Helen Faraday
Carmarthen House
Lud's Holm

Dear Helen:

We at the Executive Committee do not understand why are you so obstinate about the prototype mask we requested. It's not like Harry Haworth talking about reshaping people's heads so they feel better. We're not asking you to run the wires yourself -- that is the job of Dr. Ridgwell at the Health! We're simply asking you to rig up a Happy Face mask with microfilaments wires that can run through the eye cavity into the optic nerve, so a mild current can be applied to the pleasure center of the brain.

And yes, we have discussed the various difficulties with Mr. Arkwright. We're not saying all the wrinkles have been ironed out, it's an experimental prototype!

You've done such fine work with the bridges and the Spankers, in spite of your objections that they would turn Wellington Wells into some sort of police state, which you can easily see they have not. We really don't see why this is your "hill to die on."

Do please let us know when you're ready to see reason.

Yours very truly,

Beatrice Reeve
Executive Committee
Broadcasting Tower
1 The Parade
Apple Holm

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