A Malpractice of Doctors is story quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in the Parade District and is acquired right after completing Future Perfect.


  • Enter the Wellington Health Institute
  • Take the elevator
  • Find quarantine access code
  • Enter the Quarantine Controls Zone on the top floor
  • Disable the Quarantine
  • Escape the Doctor Headquarter


As soon as Arthur has made it inside, he may proceed to climb on the sculpture to bypass the Downer detector, or simply pop a Sunshine. Underneath the huge portrait there is a vent that he can enter, which will lead him upward on a series of pipes towards the receptionist room.

Inside there is another door leading to the basement where the control for the metal shutter is. Turn it off and go enter the elevator. Press the second floor. Going on the 3rd floor will required the access code for the whole floor is quarantined.

On the second floor, go straight forward and Arthur will hear three Doctors discussing about the latest Joy batch. Trace back to the room on the right and hack the door, inside there will be a book. Climb inside the vent to reach the lightning system.

Crouch along and Arthur will stumble upon the Surgeon Operating Theater where a group of Doctors can be heard experimenting on a Plagued victim. Moving along and dropping down on the other room, he can go up to Director Ridgwell's Office where the keycard is. As soon as he obtained the code, a Doctor will come inside. Dispatch him or sneak past.

After obtaining the access code, Arthur traces back to the elevator and goes up the third floor. After unlocking the door he is ambushed and is administered the latest "Coconut" Joy, undergoing "a series of disturbing stimuli", which seemingly depicting what happened during the war.

After the experiment, he is then set free, but an unfortunate malfunction causes an explosion in the room, setting him free. Arthur comes across a panel controlling the quarantine, then disable it using the Framistat he acquired earlier. This causes the whole Institute to be flooded with plague Wastrels.

Collectibles Edit

Notes that the player will gather Edit

Memories that the player will gather Edit

Books that the player will gather Edit

  • Intimidator
  • Chemist

Trivia Edit

  • According to the announcer, facility personnel may have put rubbing alcohol into tonic and ice, and therefore reminds them to not doing so again.
  • On a note, it's revealed that their lunch consists of "Monday: Bubble & Squeek, Tuesday: Bangers & Mash, Wednesday: Beans on Toast, Thursday: Toad in the Hole, Friday: Chef's Surprise!"
  • The Doctors have scribbled a recipe for their liquor, no inclusion of ice.
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