From the Desk of Beatrix Reeve
Voting Member, Executive Committee

Inspector Hockney
City of Wellington Wells Special Constabulary
222 Parade Street
Apple Holm

Dear Inspector:

The clever bird refused to peck at the nice morsels we offered her. I fear she plans to take wing. You now what happens if the ravens flee the Tower.

I took the precaution of preparing a lovely golden cage at the location we discussed, where she can continue to peck. Would you mind conducting her to her new habitat?

Of course we'll need one of two caretakers to keep her feeder filled and change the newspaper. I know a couple of "confirmed bachelors" who are perfect: dare not make a peep themselves, and they're too stupid to open the cage by themselves.

We of the Executive Committee appreciate all you do.

Yours Truly,


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