The Mainland Kid is a character encountered by Arthur Hastings in one of the Epilogue endings of We Happy Few.

Appearance Edit

The kid is a young teenager with a ginger hair, wearing ragged grey clothing and playing with a ball.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

The boy appears in the after-credits of the game if Arthur chooses to Remember and leave Wellington Wells for good.

Once on the Mainland, Arthur is walking on a path in the woods, halfheartedly saying "Lovely day for it." to random plants and rocks, convinced that he still can't help lying about things. Arthur then runs into the Boy, who he tries the same greeting with, only for the Boy to get irritated and tell him that it has been an awful, rainy day, which seems to restore Arthur's spirits, as he tells the Boy with a smile, "You're right. It has been rather a shit day."


  • Seeing the Boy is extremely shocking to Arthur, as there have been no children born in Wellington Wells for fifteen years, possibly giving Arthur hope that things will get better.
    • It's possible that some of the children survived the destruction of the train, meaning Percy might be still alive.
  • The Kid is simply refered to as the "Shitty Day Kid" in the credits.
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